News about Life Online, Fun…

News about Life Online, Fun Stuff + Doing the Write Thing

OMG! I haven’t written ANYTHING here in almost a year!!! 😯
The feed I was writing about last August worked OK (off and on, while I was kind of jiggling the wires), but I have recently been moving towards a BRAND NEW publishing system (I am currently putting finishing touches on a prototype that I hope to be able to share in a couple days).
It will still be very much WP-based, because WP has so many bells and whistles I really like. But I am also working on extending the search capabilities + also making many websites much more responsive and capable of working with very limited resources (when you have hundreds / thousands of sites, this can become a very important issue πŸ˜‰ ).
Rather than rambling on endlessly + pie-in-the-sky philosophically now, I want to much more draw attention to Sonia, who I just discovered a couple days ago (check out her WP blog @doingthewritething / β€” she writes very well and has quick wits, so her short stories and flash fiction will probably NOT drone on endlessly about domain names like some other people I know πŸ™‚ ).

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